The Hempeteers are exclusively dedicated to products and innovations in the field of all legal hemp- and cannabis products and tooling. Innovators with a view on the entire hemp and cannabis market.

Through proven years of experience in a lot of knowledge has been gained in these markets. We carry some own brands in different article groups on the market for the hemp and cannabis industry.

Our company is open to any business proposal in the legal market of cannabis and hemp. We are able to screen certain business plans quickly and efficiently to our internal requirements. If we are interested and a business proposal, we can act quickly, skilled and experienced.

You can propose any legal cannabis or hemp project trough our contact page and we will respond quickly. We are creative and innovative and have a very broad experience in the cannabis and hemp industry. We have already launched a number of patents and concepts that are profitable.

We’re already in the food-, pharmaceutical- and tooling markets. The Hempeteers is a think tank of creative and efficient people who have the ability to start up, finance and deliver very high quality projects.